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Clementine Data Set Analysis
September 3, 1999

Clementine Data FramesThe image on the left represents two frames from the first CD-ROM of the Clementine Data Set, (Revolution 32, UV/Visible Light). On this first disk are numerous document and index files as well as a suite of image utilities for viewing and manipulating the provided images.

Three platforms are supported: Apple Macintosh, MS-DOS and SunOS, (aka "Solaris"). To extract these images, I used the MS-DOS tool "CLEMDCMP.EXE" command line image extracter. With the use of a batch file created from a listing of one directory, I converted the 120 raw images into industry standard tagged image format files, (.TIF) in a manner of seconds. I then stitched two adjacent images together to create the image montage on the left. To use these images with JARtool, we will need to convert them to the VIEW format which JARtool uses. JARtool itself has the capability of converting .PDS format files to VIEW.

After looking at this one sample directory, I noticed that only small percentage of the images are usable due to the fact that many are "in the dark," (acquired during the lunar night), or were duplicate images. For my first test, I picked a directory of UV/Visible Light images, as they seemed to have the largest file size, at 384 by 288 pixels. The "HiRes" images were the same size, while the Long and Short Wave Infrared were both smaller. I plan to do a sample conversion of the other three formats next.

As for the hardware, I have gotten the SPARCclassic droid "Gene" up and running with the skilled help of the Oregon Public Education Network's UNIX administrator Ron Snyder. The other droid, "Pete," had a corrupted password file, so we are installing the system from scratch on that system, and it will be setup as a remote terminal to "Gene." A third SPARCclassic box obtained from Allen Taylor proved to be an empty dead shell, with no hard drive or RAM.

Keep checking back to these pages for periodic progress reports. I will attempt to get some more image samples posted as well as putting up some of the documentation files for both JARtool as well as the Clementine data set.


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