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Clementine Software
This page describes software that provides display and
processing capabilities for the archived Clementine data.

Decompression Software

Disk One of the Clementine Data Set contains software which can be used to decompress the Clementine raw images. CLEMDCMP will decompress the raw image and output it into one of four formats:
  1. Decompressed PDS labeled file which contains PDS labels, the histogram object, and an image object, either the browse image or the full image
  2. Decompressed raw image file, no labels
  3. Decompressed image in the GIF format
  4. Decompressed image in the TIFF format
Because the image decompression program, CLEMDCMP, requires a Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) it may take several minutes to decompress an image on hardware platforms with slow processors. For example, in tests on a Macintosh IIci, the decompression takes approximately 4 minutes. CLEMDCMP has been tested on hardware platforms with modern processors, such as an Intel 486DX2/66-Mhz, and the decompression takes just several seconds. To download, click on one of the links below:

Macintosh | MS-DOS | Windows | SunOS

Display Software

CLIMDISP in the is an image display and processing program. It can be used to display Clementine uncompressed images and histograms. See CLIMDISP.TXT in the PCDOS/DOC subdirectory for instructions on how to install and run the program.

Note: CLIMDISP currently can not create GIF formatted files for the Clementine images. Additionally, it can not read the version of GIF files created by the Clementine Decompression (CLEMDCMP) program which is also included on the Clementine EDR Archive CD-ROMs. If you wish to display Clementine images with CLIMDISP, generate a PDS format image file when decompressing with CLEMDCMP.

A special version of NIH Image will display PDS decompressed Clementine images on an Apple Macintosh. This program is stored in a Stuffit file which is in BinHex format. See IMAGE.TXT in the DOC subdirectory for instructions on how to install and run the program.

The Clementine EDR image files use the PDS label constructs RECORD_TYPE = "UNK", and ^IMAGE = xxxxx to define the structure of the file. This form of the labels is not supported by the current versions of IMDISP and IMAGE4PDS that are widely distributed by the PDS. To read Clementine decompressed formatted files use the version of IMAGE and CLIMDISP programs that are supplied on this CD-ROM. The Clementine versions CLIMDISP and IMAGE have been tested only on the Clementine data products. No attempt has been made to determine if the Clementine program versions will work on any other PDS data product.

Macintosh | MS-DOS

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