JARtool Project
Clementine Data Set Analysis
September 4, 1999

SPARCclassicJARtool uses an image format known as "VIEW" for processing. The JARtool program includes a feature under its TOOLS menu called FORMAT CONVERSION. The manual explains that this feature converts files of various "popular" image formats into the VIEW format JARtool can use.

The Clementine data set images, in its own image format, comes with a suite of multi-platform image format conversion tools. I used the MS-DOS versions to extract the images displayed elsewhere.

I copied the TARred SunOS version to "Gene" and followed the installation process. Next I took two frames that had nice crater images and copied them over to Gene. Ran the program and created two "PDS" formated files. PDS is one of the "popular" image formats JARtool converts to VIEW. So early last evening I set JARtool working on one of the files. The little "BUSY BOX" popped up ... and remained up until this morning when I finally cancelled out after 13 hours.

SunThe fact that it didn't choke and remained working may be a good sign. It also drives home the point that a faster droid would be nice too. My next approach was to make a couple of Sun Raster images from the data on the WIndows 95 Compaq laptop, then burn them to a CD and see if those will convert quicker. I did, but they didn't. The images were indeed viable, as I could pull them up in the SunOS OPENWindows stock image editor.

However, when I attempted to convert them via the above mentioned format conversion tool, the busy box again stayed busy. I let it run for two days straight, without apparent success. I have been looking without luck for any information on the VIEW format especially any third-party conversion applications that convert to VIEW from other formats.


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