JARtool Project
Clementine Data Set Analysis
September 27, 1999

20SC External DriveAfter several unsuccessful attempts, and Email discussions with Dr. Michael Burl, the JARtool author, it was determined that the program was not functioning properly, possibly due to a lack of free disk space on the SPARCclassics. Droid GENE had under ten meg free once all the files were installed, leaving little room for extra "work space" for processing.

Fortunately, fellow Oregon L5 member and assistant Webster Charles Radley stepped up to the plate with a friend at work with cheap SCSI hard drives for sale: IBM 1-gigabyters for $15.00. The Society purchased four to upgrade four of the SPARCs, while I purchase three "bastard bracket" IBM 1 giggers for $10.00, (priced lower due to the non-standard mounting holes).

Price TagAdd to this mix, two antique Goodwill Apple Macintosh 20 meg external drives. A simple three-minute transplant turned them into two 1-gigabyte external SCSI drives. These two were then chained into GENE and formatted for Sun SPARC usage. Each work station now has ample disk space and storage for the expected flood of image files.

Meanwhile, Dr. Burl sent the access information for the JARtool binaries and required applications. The next phase in the operation will be the installation and start up of the programs. This process will involve installing JARtool itself, the PosGreSQL database, and SAOtrng, an image display system that JARtool uses from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Additionally, the systems require that the Solaris TCL/TK X-Windows development shell be installed.


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