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Clementine Data Set Analysis
Image File Name Structure

Typical UV/V Frame
Sample UV/V Frame
Filename Break Out
Filename Breakdown
The EDR image file represents a permanent, unique identifier assigned to a data product by its producer. From the left, the "L" identifies this image as coming from the Lunar mapping phase of the mission. The "U" tells us that it was imaged through the Ultraviolet/Visable light sensor, with the filter wheel in position "E," (650nm broadband). It is logged as frame number 345. The lunar latitude range identifier, ("A" above), is for lunar mapping observations. This character signifies a latitude range on the lunar surface where the observation was made, in this case -90 to -80 degress. The last three numbers in the filename extention signifies the revolution, or orbit number that the image was taken. Further details are provided for each image in an ASCII text header. This "PDS label" contains details regarding the image target, time, spacecraft attitude, and much more.


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