Oregon L5 Turns 20!
"It Was Twenty Years Ago Today . . ."

L5 Early Exhibit
. . . when Oregon L5 began to play. Here is the first Oregon L5 Society display, set up by Bryce Walden at the 1978 Science Fiction Symposium, held by the Portland Science Fiction Society at Portland State University, November 11. Note the NASA Summer Studies books, posterboards, a sign-up sheet, and a comparison of solar power satellite electricity to nuclear generated electricity.
L5 Founders
At OryCon I, a year later, Oregon L5 had an "Earthrise" mural backdrop, several copies of books available for sale and, most importantly, officers! Pictured (L-R) are Tom Billings, Patty Smith (now Wells), and Bryce Walden. OryCon I was held the weekend of November 11, 1979 in the Lloyd Center Sheraton (now Doubletree), Portland OR.

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