October 16, 1999
Annual Meeting & Board Elections

To Members and Friends of Oregon L5:

Hold those Saturday plans! It's time for the Oregon L5 Society Annual General Meeting! A lot of memberships come due about this time, and we'll be electing officers for the year 2000!

You can join or renew at the meeting and vote for candidates for office or run for office yourself. Or get even with somebody by nominating them for office -- the gift that will remind them of you all year long.

We'll also have updated plans for a party at this year's OryCon, news about our research paper accepted for presentation at Space 2000 and Robotics 2000 (that's one conference), our Space Updates, and the ever popular and eclectic Mail Call.

Nominees as of 10/15/99:
President: Allen Taylor
Secretary: Charles F. Radley
Cheryl Lynn York
Treasurer: Bryce Walden
Archivist: Rea T.B. Young*
Chairs of Standing Committees:
Lunar Base Research Team:
(Oregon Moonbase)
Bob McGown, Bryce Walden*
Mars Instrument & Science Team: Gus Frederick, Thomas Hanna*
Media Team: Gus Frederick
Legal Action Working Group: Tom Billings*
* Denotes incumbant.

Other current officers (outgoing) are: President and Treasurer: Cheryl Lynn York; Secretary: Bryce Walden; Media Team: Thomas Hanna.

Winners will take office after the end of the meeting. The above officers and chairs constitute the Steering Committee and serve as the Board of Directors under Oregon corporation law.

There were no Bylaws proposals submitted.

Only members can vote. At the last meeting we raised dues to $23 by a whopping 9-1-0 vote, to enable us to afford a continuing presence on the World Wide Web. The Treasurer has just processed a number of long outstanding memberships, however, so some of you may be getting extensions.

Members in good standing can assign their proxy to vote at the meeting. You may assign the proxy to the Secretary or to anyone of your choice old enough to vote (proxy holder need not be a member). It is strongly recommended you include clear, written instructions to your proxy holder about how you want to vote. Written proxies will be held by the Secretary after the vote.

As usual, the Oregon L5 meeting is on the third Saturday, October 16, 14:00 in the Conference Room, Bourne Plaza, 1441 SE 122nd, Portland. Go through the glass door, back through a winding hall, downstairs, left at the hall, and right at the first room in the hall.

Last Minute Announcement!

To celebrate the peaceful transition of power, and help assuage the pain of losing (or winning, for that matter), and due to the close proximity of Dominoe's Pizza Delivery, your outgoing officers have declared a PARTY to be held in the Conference Room following the AGM. So plan to stay awhile, relax and schmooze with your Space Buddies. Anyone who contributes to the groaning board will be amply recognized! Some soft-light table lamps would also be appreciated. So, come to the meeting, join up, VOTE!, and plan to stay awhile and PARTY!

Bryce Walden, Outgoing Secretary
Cheryl Lynn York, Outgoing President and Treasurer

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