Members Visit Hooley
Support Urged for Space Development Bill

On Tuesday, November 10 1998, members of Oregon L5 visited U.S. Representative Darlene Hooley, (Democrat, 5th Dist.) at her office in Salem, Oregon. Oregon L5 member Greg Leo set up the meeting and attended as a lobbyist for Mission H.O.M.E. He introduced Congresswoman Hooley to HCR 267, a simple two-page bill expressing support for space exploration and development.

Other Oregon L5 members discussed general issues with Congresswoman Hooley, including government enablement for commercial space development, space commerce, Oregon L5's research on the use of lava tubes, and the possibilities for Oregon to have an operational space port. Ms. Hooley, who serves on the House Science subcommittee, expressed an interest in space and was eager to learn how Oregon already is and can in the future participate in space development.

Other than Greg Leo, Oregon L5 representatives attending were President Cheryl Lynn York, Secretary Bryce Walden, Legislative Action Working Group (LAW Group) Chair Tom Billings, and space tourism booster Dick Steffens. York, Walden, and Steffens are all in Congresswoman Hooley's district.

Bryce Walden, Secretary
Oregon L5 Society
Chapter of National Space Society

The Planetary Society National Space Society

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