Oregon L5 On The Road
Awards at ISDC
By Bryce Walden

Houston, Texas May 30, 1999: The Oregon L5 Society chapter of the National Space Society was recognized with two awards at the International Space Development Conference, (ISDC).

Cheryl York, President of Oregon L5, was presented an NSS Special Merit Award "for her outstanding work as a dedicated member of the Strategic Planning Effort" by National Space Society Governor Bruce Boxleitner at the Society's annual awards banquet. Boxleitner is well known as "Captain John Sheridan" in the award-winning series "Babylon 5," which takes place on a large "O'Neill Colony" in deep space.

Bryce Walden, chair of Oregon L5's Lunar Base Research Team, accepted the "National Space Society Chapter Excellence Award" for "Explorer Award" on behalf of the Oregon L5 membership, presented by NSS Chapters Vice President Greg Allison.

During the awards banquet, Cheryl conducted her regular Sunday Night Space Chat on America Online live from the banquet hall. NSS Executive Director Pat Dasch and Executive Committee Chairman Kirby Ikin stopped by to surprise the chat participants.

Walden, York, and Peter Kokh of the Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society chapter also presented a program during the ISDC on designs for offworld bases in lava tube caves.

Other events at the conference included a day of programming from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), a reunion of the Apollo 10 crew (Capt. Eugene Cernan, Capt. John Young, and Gen. Thomas Stafford) at a banquet celebrating the 30th anniversary of their flight around the Moon, an art show and dealer's room, tours of the nearby Johnson Space Center, and musical guests "Zia" from Boston MA.

It was announced at the ISDC that Apollo 11 astronaut and Moon-walker Buzz Aldrin was stepping down as Chair of the Board of Directors of NSS and joining the NSS Board of Governers. Executive Committee Chair Kirby Ikin is serving as Board Chairman pro-tempore.

The Year 2000 ISDC will return to the home of the original L5 Society, Tucson, Arizona. In 2001 the ISDC will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Photos by Bryce Walden except the photo of him with Greg Allison, taken by Joe Redfield of San Antonio, TX (Treasurer of NSS!). Photos Copyright © 1999 by Oregon L5 Society.

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