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ISS Fly Over

International Space Station over Silverton High School
The International Space Station flew through the Big Dipper on February 6, 2003 at 6:42 pm. In this three-minute time exposure taken from the North parking lot of Silverton High School, the ISS left a visible streak as it glided over Vancouver Island at an altitude of about 240 miles. The streak faded out as the ISS entered the shadow of the Earth. On board, is Science Officer and Oregonian Dr. Donald R. Pettit, a 1973 graduate of Silverton High. (Canon F-1 28mm lens @ f2.8 - FujiColor 800.)

Photo Copyright © 2003 - R.D."Gus" Frederick

Big DIpper from International Space Station
One month later, on March 3rd, Donald R. Pettit, Expedition Six NASA ISS science officer, on board the International Space Station (ISS) captured this view of the constellation from orbit. The roughly rectangular bowl (center left) and “handle” (extending toward the upper right) are shaped by the brightest stars. The Dipper is upside-down, appearing to empty its contents.

Photo by Dr. Donald R. Pettit, (NASA Frame No. ISS006-E-40545)

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