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3M Overhead ProjectorAbstract:
Long the bane of presentations and guest speakers, the lack of a viable overhead projector has quite often resulted in frustration and over-visualization. Presenters were often relegated to the task of presenting highly technical subject matter in a method not unlike our ancient ancestors did, only without the benefit of a roaring campfire. OL5's current overhead, suffers from two major draw backs: An inefficient projector system employing a "reflection" technique that left images looking bland and washed out, and the fact that a proprietary projection lamp was utilized. Replacement of same being a chore, both logistically as well as financially.

Overhead BulbTarget Located:
So when a second-hand orphan overhead was spied recently for $30.00 in a Silverton photography shop, (left), it was eyed with hope. No bulb was included, but the socket looked common enough. Better still, this unit, a "3M Termo Fax Model 66," sported the refraction optics so loved from school days. $25.00 was offered and accepted. Once purchased, the unit was completely cleaned of the years of dust and crud that had accumulated throughout. The next task involved tracking down the bulb

Bulb Woes:
Unfortunately, in spite of the common-looking socket, the proper bulb was not located in town, and may indeed be extinct. But being from an age of metal construction and screw/bolt technology, the bulb system was easily removed and with some minor modifications, it seemed like an easy matter to fit it with a common socket, utilizing an easy-to-find standard bulb.

The best bulb candidate seemed to be a 150 watt quartz halogen, (right), readily available in hardware stores for use as outdoor illumination. In fact, a motion-detection weather proof version had been purchased several years back at the Goodwill. With some minor screw-twisting, it relinquished its socket, which was transplanted into the overhead's lamp assembly. Once fitted and turned on, the unit performed flawlessly, projecting a sample view graph with clarity and brightness. Better still, replacement bulbs are easily available in most hardware stores for under $5.00. We now have a working overhead projector, to join the ranks of OL5 presentation aids.

R. D. "Gus" Frederick, aside from serving as OL5's Webmaster and MIST Chair, is a well seasoned technological "hunter-gatherer." Through a policy of vigilance and modification, he continues to scour second hand stores and yard sales for viable used technology, that can be used whole or in part for a wide range of projects and purposes.

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