Oregon L5 Society
At OryCon 20
Digital Images ©1998 Bryce Walden

OryCon 20 -- SOLD OUT! And Oregon L5 was there, celebrating our 20th anniversary. Our first party, on Friday November 13, was a great success. Bryce Walden and Cheryl Lynn York supplied the room and brought party supplies. Tom Billings and Bob McGown helped host the party through the evening. David Stuart and friend from Seattle NSS came down and provided some books for display (and sale) and helped keep the party lively. Rocket scientist and "filk" composer Jordin Kare dropped by after his concert stint Several old Oregon L5 members showed up, including co-founder Marc Wells and integrated circuit and "Launch Loop" designer Keith Lofstrom.

Our second party, on Saturday November 14, is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. in Room 445 of the Doubletree Hotel Columbia River. Our party signs say, "TISATAAFM!* / *There Is Such A Thing As A Free Munch! / The Oregon L5 Society 20th Anniversary Party / The Party Too Big For One Night!" (For those unfamiliar with fan customs, author Robert Heinlein liked to say, "TANSTAAFL! There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!")

Partygoers inspect the giant Cassini hologram provided by Oregon L5's Bob McGown.

Portland Macintosh guru and all-around gadfly Michael Pearce turns from examining the Oregon L5 display panel.

Russian space expert Hugh Gregory arrived from Vancouver B.C. Canada. Behind him (obscured) is Oregon L5 President Cheryl Lynn York, and Seattle NSS representative Dave Stuart helps hold up the wall.


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