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Opportunity Lands
Report by Steve Gaskill, Jr.

Opportunity Lands at OMSI24 January, 2004: There were fewer people at OMSI Saturday night than for the arrival of Spirit. The Auditorium started filling up, so they opened the Planetarium. At landing time, there were still some chairs empty in the Auditorium. They had taken an hand vote. There were some of us from the first landing, people who had heard about it from their friends, and those who came because of the news of the Mars Party, that was in the news.

The landing was the same drill as the first one. They were a little puzzled as to why there was a prolonged roll out of the landing. They then thought that it might be setting on the edge of something, and tittering; however, it's a very flat plain. It was then decided that the lander was on its side, and they were getting a signal that was being reflected off the Mars surface, and it was us that was moving. All was well when it had righted itself. The rest you know from the news reports!

The lander hit much lighter than last time, at only 2, or 3 G's. It sounds like it might have been closer to the ground than them might have liked, when the retro rockets fired!

The last time around OMSI mentioned right after the landing that it was gong to be a wait before their would be any pictures. There was then a mass exodus. The weather last time might have had something to do with this. This time they let it play out a while before explaining about the impending wait. I headed out, as I'd intended early, but most of the people seemed to be staying.

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