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Yuri's Night
April 12th

Yuri Gararin

Oregon L-5 Society celebrated Yuri's Night in 2005 at the Oregon City McMenamins's Pub. Marvin the Martian and Buzz Aldrin action figure joined the group to make a festive occasion. We hope to have an even bigger party next year!

Yuri's Night is a non-profit, grassroots celebration taking place worldwide every year on April 12th. The date marks the anniversary of the flight of the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin, as well as the anniversary of the first Space Shuttle flight. The first Space Shuttle flight was Columbia. As symbols of a cultural phenomenon, these events have become icons of a new global society, one in which humanity has gained a greater perspective of its place in the universe and the world it inhabits.


Today finds our society in a period of technological uncertainty, the future of the space program weighing heavily on everyone's minds. What will you tell future generations about space exploration? Will we turn our backs in the face of adversity and new challenges to overcome? It's up to our generation to decide to press forward, to insure that these lives were not lost for nothing. Overcoming adversity, the nay Sayers, the skeptics and the challenges will be the greatest honor we can give to those that have lost their lives on Columbia. It's up to us to insure that we keep moving forward with better technology, better safety, and better education for future generations. It really is up to us.

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